Friday, December 7, 2007

Red Tape

Thursday, sweet sweet Thursday. What can I say? Tonight I made two hundred and sixty bucks, not much, but nothing to complain about, for eight hours of work on a Thursday. You know tonight I wanted to write about delivering hot club girls high on blow to the Bank and back, or a bum women who lives in an abandoned taxi at the lot where I work. Sure the girls over paid me handsomely (thank you ladies, you know who you are) and sure sleeping in a car in the dead of winter in Edmonton is deadly, but tonight I have something different to say. Love your gas station attendants, tip them and never disrespect them, unless their assholes. The reason I'm talking about gas station attendants is because tonight as I was cruising toward my favorite Petro Can I was startled to see a few cop cars in the parking lot and several on the road blocking traffic from all directions. I had no way to get in. You see the people that sell me gas are usually like me , they work the night shift, and we like to shoot the shit about our night. Well all those cop cars scared me, and the fact that I couldn't get in there to see what happened annoyed me. I wanted to see my gas station lady. She is a little older but tough and funny, someone I like to see at the end of my night. I drove around for a while, non of the cops would give me answers about the situation. So I fueled up somewhere else, somewhere were I fill up sometimes, I like the lady and dude that work there too, it's just a little out of my way. There I told them that I think that one of the clerks at the Petro Can might be hurt. The people who heard my story were intrigued, I thought they might have more information about what happened, but they had nothing. I drove the car back to the lot at the end of my shift, I parked my cab next door to the homeless lady. I was worried about my friend, when another Taxi driver pulled up, I asked him if he knew what was going on on a hundred and fifty sixth street and ninety fifth ave, He told me it was a gang shooting. It was over drugs, people were hurt, not only at that location, the gun fight moved around. Thank God I'm pretty sure my friend survived, I hope. Gangstas quite that God awful lifestyle and start driving a cab it's great fun, its exciting and all the money you make is yours. No one will ever shoot at you, well you never know. Maybe do what you want, because like Freddie Mercury sang "It doesn't really matter to me......any way the wind blows". Stay safe out there people.

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