Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reporters are so Hot in RealLife

Friday before the big end of the world party, sorry end of the year celebration. You wouldn't know that it was the beginning of the weekend by the amount of cash I made tonight. Minimal trust me, a joke, but that's not the only reason I drive. So tonight I drove a reporter, she asked me not to write about her so I won't, but she better leave me a comment or else. Or else what? or else nothing.
On the road it was cold, in the streets there was snow and people who should have spent the night with their families at home. So what happened? My friend who was hurt a few weeks ago came back to work, after what happened to him, man that dude probably has a massive set of nuts. Read the older blogs if you don't know what I'm talking about.
O.k there is this scummy ass bar around Stony Plain Road, sometimes it stays open late. I get fares out of there all the time, it's great. Tonight though I was called there and this drunk guy ran out and asked me to wait. "No problem" so I'm sitting there waiting one, two, three, five minutes maybe more and the guy comes raging out, he slams the door to the bar. I know right then that this guy is dangerous and no good, but I was parked close to the door so he runs at the car and smashes into it. No damage or nothing but freaky. Then his blond hooker looking slut comes running out behind him screaming "what the hell you so angry at?" then this drunk spaze flings the taxis door open, almost rips it right off its hinges. I put the petal to the metal, I wasn't about to have a psychotic, drunk, hooker licking, ass, sitting next to me in a car. I almost ran over the whore, and I almost took him out with the open door, I am happy I didn't but I'm sure it would have gotten me some good credit with the man upstairs. I am starting to see things in a new light and it's not a nice bright light, it's a scary dark basement kind of light and when I feel it coming I do my best to get the hell out of there, but as we all know sometimes we have to go down to that dark place to see the light on the other side of whatever were going through. After that I just drove to the gas station, there some bum asked me if he could use my phone, he called his crack dealer. I have the number it's 537 I'm kidding that would be wrong you dirty bloggers trying to get that dirty light out of me. Ha! never. So the bum gives me back my phone and this girl walks up to my taxi and gets in, while I'm gassing up. I open the passenger side door and while holding the gas nozzle and still pumping gas I ask "are you o.k?" "yeah I'm just cold" she tells me while counting a lot of cash. I shut the door and finish with the refueling and go and pay. Of course I forgot to buy milk for my kid cause I was in such a hurry to hear what this young women in my taxi had to say about her night. So I get in and ask "so where did you get all that cash?" she says nothing. I tell her "I'm not a cop", and ask her if she works Stony Plain Road. She says "No, I steal cars" she was telling me the truth I asked her not to steal mine, and told her that her ride was free. She threw me five bucks, yeah! I love mmm the truth. Be good y'all I hope I survive the new year. I hope we all do.............................happily and safely. Peace.


Forever-Young said...

Hello there, thanks for your comment... You're probably right, this guy has issues, it's more than shyness.

Love this blog. I've read a couple and found myself glued. I'd like to say I think you're very brave, being a taxi driver. I don't think I could do it. Actually I should confess that I have a fear of taxi drivers. Not so much a fear as a general waryness when I enclose myself in a small space with a middle aged man I've never met before. I always feel quite helpless.
So if you're ever wary of a customer, just remember, they're just as afraid of you as you are of them.

S x

taxitalk said...

I'm the youngest taxi driver you've ever seen, at least in my city, but stay safe cause most cabies are dirty and you are young, be weary its a good idea

jeff said...

damn you're a taxi driver where? sounds like you've seen alotta shit. an interesting blog, i like it.

DragonRaid said...

must be kinda cool meeting new people every day. sure there's drunk retards but there's got to be some good, interesting passengers too, right?

Bewildered said...

Your blog is interesting and very well written. Your job sound a lot more interesting than mine. I'm not gonna lie, I might worry about taxi drivers who are out there late a night.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Taxi talk, I know this comment is overdue, but Love the Blog!!!!!!!

The Hot Reporter who asked you not to write about her!!!!