Saturday, December 8, 2007

Green Eyed Monster

Tonight was miserable for most of the night. It's so cold in Edmonton, -20 not including the wind chill. Fuck. I drove a lot of people, that's a lie tonight consisted of about fifteen fares, 400km. Most of the mileage was wasted looking for my next customer. The University kids are all studying for their finals. I miss school. I did drive some regulars, Gigglers I love you, You took good care of me. Bank girls I love you to, and I'm sorry I couldn't pick you guys up from the bar, get some sleep though or you'll end up in jail or worse. I drove to the military base with a couple of twins. The strange thing about the twins was that one was in the army and the other hated it and did not understand why his brother joined. They both got a Baconator at Wendy's,the same thing hmmmm. They were good people either way.
The shooting last night, was some girl, not my gas station attendant friend. Thank God or don't. We all know God doesn't care till we die. Then who knows, o ya he does. Hahahahah.
My last fare was a doctor, smart lady, I could tell, even though I did most of the talking. I picked her up at the hospital at four thirty am and she was going to the the airport. That's a first for me.(From hospital to airport different) I started talking about how sometimes I get jealous of all the people who get to party and play while I work. I work to support my family, I got a family I'm only twenty five but I support my peps. Then the doctor lady told me that her father is in the hospital with many serious health problems. None of his children live in Edmonton, they all just fly in to see him all the time, like its no big deal. She told me that he tells her that having children was the best decision he ever made. That made me feel less jealous. I can see where he is coming from, every time my little man looks at me with his sixteen month old eyes, I am so proud. I also realized that the people that go out and party like there is no tomorrow do it because they don't have those loving eye's at home reassuring them that there is another day so you better be there sober, not hung over and smiling like you just found a four leaf clover. Sorry kids I got sentimental on you asses, If you don't like it go fuck yourself. Kidding. No I'm not.


Jessica Rabbit said...

you're welcome ;)
we enjoy your company and your stories too.

Jess said...

Heeyyyy that was the night u drove me! I was just wondering about how you said you gave out your number so I might be able to call you instead... I had a mean taxi driver tonight haha

bank girl 1 said...

it's the black haired bank girl.. i'm finally posting.. haha i love these entries! just so you know.. i do read these about once a week ;) don't think i forgot about you my friend. i will be calling for a ride sometime in the near future!

taxitalk said...

Funkin rights bank girl one