Friday, December 14, 2007

Stupid, No No, Ignorant Yeah

Another Thursday, sweet sweet Thursday night, what to write what to write. First off I need to get this off of my chest, Edmonton is a viciously violent city. To those of you who do not agree I'm right you are Ignorant. There is this line in a Puddle of Mud song, "Ignorance spreads lies how much can money buy?". MMmmmmmm in this economically booming city lots, fuck lets just say way to much. I just hope that all the high school teachers out there in this fine shit hole of a city know that. Saying that Edmonton is not dangerous is like saying that having unprotected sex with someone you know nothing about is safe. Saying that Edmonton is a safe place to live because some cop told you that it is, is like saying that crack is good for you cause some pimp told me that its good for me. Fuck I had an ignorant women in my car tonight. She made me angry because aaaa fuck it forget her she is going to learn sooner or later, I really just hope she is not a teacher or anyone important. Ignorant aahh.
Tonight was good other then that. I had a young mom in my car, she was a brand new mom. She was having problems though. Her father was forcing her out of the house which she shared with him and her newborn baby boy. That sucks, she was a cool young girl. I asked about the father, she told me he was an abusive asshole and she had to leave him because he was beating her while she was pregnant. I asked her if he was paying child support, she said no. I of course asked why, she told me that he had moved back to the east coast. I told her to get a lawyer and get the piece of shit, and make him legally responsible for his kid. She said that she tried legal aid but they told her that there is a cost involved and it would have to come out of her pocket. Fuck, that's not a big deal I told her that there is a place at the University that deals with cases for free. As long as you have a solid case they will help her. She got excited, actually so did I, her littler baby deserves a decent home. He dose not need an abusive man out there knocking other girls up while not dealing with the consequences of his past, fucking bastard. We live in Canada one of the wealthiest countries in the world why does this shit happen? Lady if you are reading my blog make sure your babies daddy is faced with the law, it can't do very much if you don't help it.
And all you high school teachers try not to spread backward bullshit ideology you heard from an old policeman neighbour or something to our young generation, if they are taught to think the way a women in the back of my car was thinking, girls might not ever realize that whether they like it or not they are ticking time bombs, shaped like hour glasses dropping little pieces of themselves once a month until of course nature take its course and a new little person is meant to be, you guessed it in this world for a long time.


Bartosz said...

what's the story of this woman?

taxitalk said...

she was just some dumb ignorant bitch that I resent and loath because she live in a world that she does not deserve because she is good looking, I don't know her story, but maybe she was a prostitute in her teenage years or something like that, just my thoughts, if she is a teacher then our kids are fucked,