Monday, December 3, 2007

Rape Me Why Don't Ya?

I've been driving a taxi for almost two and a half years. I am currently driving in Edmonton, but I started driving in the Rocky Mountains. Banff was where I started. The small tourist community has lot of crazy stories, here is one. One day after a long night of partying I woke up to a telephone call. The man behind my sleep interruption was a Constable. He asked if he could see me at my house. I agreed. This was the law I was talking to. So when the man showed up I met him outside. We started to talk in the cop cruiser. He asked me if I had driven a man named Rick (not his real name) on Saturday night. I said no. Saturdays was my day off in Banff. The Taxi company I worked for had me working shift work. I knew the man he was asking me about, he was a drug addict. Cocaine and crack. I asked what he did. The officer told me he used me as an alibi, that I drove him home late that Saturday evening. This was a lie. I did no such thing, like I said it was my day off. The cop then told me the boy was accused of breaking into a young womens house and brutally raping her. Fuck this is awful I thought, and the fucking rapist used me as his alibi, and now he is missing. Fuck. The cop gave me his number. I lost the card.
A month later my girlfriend got pregnant and I moved from the beautiful Rockys to evil, dark, old, and ugly Edmonton. This is were my girlfriend lived. I started driving a taxi in Edmonton, were I am known as the youngest driver in the city. Yes I am also a young father, but a good one. So I'm driving a cab in this shit hole of as city when, on my way home from a long night shift I drive by a couple of people. Even though I had just refueled, and I was on 107 ave (prostitute haven) I stopped for the two, it was very cold. When the two got in I asked were they were going, The guy told me to drive east, I asked for a exact address. He just told me to keep moving. The women he was with was a crack whore. They both appeared to be sketched out. Them the guy asked me if I ever lied in Banff. I said yes and turned to have a better look at this guy who knew me. It was him the dirty Rapist mother fucker. I was shocked, and a little frightened, he was with another women. Then I remembered you can't rape a crack whore. ahhahahahaahah. Jokes aside this guy was wanted for raping a girl brutally. I told him he was in big trouble, and he asked me why. I said you know why. Then the whore started yelling " you' re going the wrong way you're going the wrong way" I don't think she knew that this guy was sought after by the police, whores don't care. I wasn't going the wrong way I was moving toward the cop shop, I wanted to get this fucker. But the whore kept yelling and yelling, like only a crack hooker can. She asked to be let out I stopped the two both got out. The rapist got away . Fuck. How is it that I found the mother fucker on the streets by accident before the cops? That higher power works in mysterious ways.


Lana said...

I'm the Woman Who Doesn't Believe in God from Saturday night. You should check out these sites:

Lots of random things on there. Very cool.

Amber L. said...

you should be careful sweetie! we can't save everybody, we got to take care of ourselves, because without us who will drive the drunks home? other drunks?! But I gotta say YOU GOT GUTS!!! keep doin the right thing even if it's dangerous. JUST BE CAREFUL! you write well :)