Friday, December 28, 2007

Morals are for Losers

My morality has changed because of the time I have spent behind the wheel of an Edmonton city hack. I used to think that people that sell themselves in anyway were bad people, but I was wrong. In the world we live in today we are expected to sell our body and soul to get ahead, no to survive. Some people sell their bodies, some push drugs, some people sell their souls to make sure you enjoy your ride home. Whatever it is we do, we waste ourselves trying to do it well. At least we should otherwise we suck at whatever we are doing. A hooker is no good if she actually wanted to suck that Johns dick. A dealer would suck if he actually aimed to be a drug dealer his whole life. A cabbie is no good unless he has a soul to show you the right way. This is how I fell, it's out there. We all know how we feel towards hookers, dealers, thieves and murderers, but we can't judge them, cause we all do what they do to get by, we just can't all agree on that. If we could I would shoot every asshole on the road, and it would be alright. Right? I drove these two gorgeous teens tonight, they were proud to be hookers, and yes they were teens, and proud hookers. How does that work? It doesn't dose it, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. They were one of my best fares in a long time, they gave me beyond a good tip, so because they showed me love I respect them. I wonder if their dad does or their boyfriend, I can't care it would make me even more crazy, and I'm half way to the loony bin already. Good thing there is all those Rabbits and Aussies out there to keep me on track.

Only halfway, no I've been to the crazy house a few times to many. Hahahahahahahaha


bRaT said...

Morals are actually for church... and that's where they're left behind by most people...

but i disagree with you saying that murderers cannot be judged.. they don't really need to kill people to "get by"... maybe a few people from the other groups do... but most of them have a chance at a (harder yes, a hell of a lot harder but) better life... but i guess then there'll be no one to steal from anyone... someone's gotta do it... or the consequences might be disastrous... some people call that destiny... i think it'd just grease that makes the world go around... just the way things are...

about your comment, thanks... and you've been to a lot of places haven't you... amazing..

Shemley said...

I totally agree, it's amazing how quick people are to judge before taking a look at their own lives first.

taxitalk said...

grease, Greece same word, destiny Karma, God same thing, maybe I'll start calling it lub, I like the grease analogy, whether or not you agree with me about the big guy upstairs, I understand, wait you'll see or you won't, but you have to use the lub to your own advantage. if ya know what I mean, wink wink, stay alive

Bartosz said...

How can you be so loved?
How can you be so hated?
In the same day, in the same day,
to be so wanted, so baited?

My girl she loves me good,
I think she always will too.
But in southern Alberta, southern Alberta,
his neck went redder as the sky turned blue.

In the Chevrolet way,
I'm thinkin about the world today.
It's a four-by-four road,
more torque, more load.
It's a Chevrolet way yeah,
so you better get the hell out of the way.
You better get the hell out of the way.

A tiny island oasis,
two men both nameless and faceless,
on a joyride, on a joyride,
to find victims in tourist places.

Two women drunk and stumblin,
stepped out onto the street.
Hitch-hikin, hitch-hikin,
the last thing that they heard was a black man's tires screech.

This land is your land,
this land is my land.
This land is their land.
I've changed the song and,
but I didn't steal it,
but still I feel it.
Somebody take it away,
I'm not gonna make it today.

He blew his head wide open,
with all her letters around him.
It's a sad day, it's a sad day,
but she always knew that one day, he'd slip away...

Jessica Rabbit said...

You rock ; )

Robert J Kent Jr said...


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