Saturday, November 17, 2007

what's your fuel?

Tonight some fucked up chick passed out completely, I picked her up at a place where you gamble, this was a big place, this couple jumped and flaged me down and stuck their really drunk friend in the back of my car. I asked if she knew her address she said riverbend, I said ok and got the fuck out of that casino parking lot, she told me to take the Anthony hendey I did . when we were on the high way I asked for her exact address she was passed the fuck out. She was a fucking blank. Druged, the money the dude gave me to drive her home, forty bucks, stank like a mother fucker like cocaine. Fuck! mother fucker, this chick pucked into her purse , I think cause the car was clean I had to wake her up to ask her her exact address at a red light , I had to inform dispatch that I had a women that I might have to jerk to get her to be conscious, at a red light I got out and opened the back door, her head fell out of the car she had rested it on the arm rest, I told her that unless she gave me an address she was going to a hospital or the closest police station. she murmured a river bend address. she pucked in her purse some more when we got there she wouldn't get out so I went to the door of the home and rang the doorbell at three in the morning no one answered fuck. I opened her door, her head fell out, we were in an affluent area, this bitch was rich, she kept pucking, I wanted to help her she flipped me the bird, I wanted to help her she did not want it I repeated the address to her so she knew for sure where she was. I got her out by saying that if she doesn't want my help and this is were she lives then she should get the fuck out, she got out with puke all over her and ran away, it was a cold night tonight it kind of worried me but fuck what ever. I Radioed it all in there there was little more I could do.
Looking back It could have been GHB. Girl watch your drinks.

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