Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dude looks like a lady

I've picked up my share of transvestites, But there was this one manly gal who was really out there. I was on white ave and a hundred and first street looking for a fare. In the corner of my eye I saw a flag, on the other side of the street. I also saw some massive chick sporting serious cleavage,and a small young girl. I did a U-turn or I flipped a bitch and picked them up.
The two took a minute to get in, and the car behind us starred to honk, incessantly. I never care about what other drivers do to try to piss me off. The big girl in the back wasn't having any of it though. The car that was honking started to follow us, and it kept honking. The girls in the back seat gave me an address just off of whyte ave, they told me they would be going to a party after that. No problem. I looked back at the two. The big chick with the big tits was actually a guy. A dude with boobs and big ones at that. The car behind us was still following us and honking. The trany was getting agitated, I began to think maybe the people behind me saw that she was really a he and were being rude. Well at the next red light this trany steped out of the car and walked up to the car full of honking girls and kicked a hole in the door with her man heels. I though she was great, she jumped back in and the light turned green, we took off. The carload of girls , angry that the women kicked a hole in their precious door followed us to the tranys home address. We tried to loose them, but since I don't break the law while driving they kept up. When we pulled up to her house she got out and stood in front of their car. The girls must have been scared, I would have been, this chick had a dick and some massive tits. They drove away.
On the way to the party they stopped at the drug store for some backing soda. Hint,hint.
Later that night I got a call from dispatch about the he she, I told them I didn't see a thing, but I did drive a women who was once a man. Weird world when a trany kicks a hole through a door of a car filled with jealous penis envied dyke's.

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