Friday, November 30, 2007

Might As Well Go For A Pop Nobody Dies

Thursday night, a cold Thursday night, it was bad if it comes to money, but there is a story to be told. I met a local celebrity, mmmm his name was John Rockner,(John if you read this you know your real name), he is a modern rocker. I recognized him because he has a distinct voice, and his friends were nice so I'm shouting out to you.
O.k. you guys, tonight no crazy fares. I only made a hundred and some dollars so there wasn't many people partying in the cold. Good for them. The people who did party drove drunk, I only say this because I saw several car accidents. The worst one was on Calgary trail. The car was sitting atop a fire hydrant. Everyone made it out except some poor girl. Her drunken boyfriend was cradling her in his arms while she tried desperately to breath. I stopped to help. I wanted to take a picture of the smashed up car, but like a dumb ass I forgot my camera tonight fuck. The cops weren't there yet. One of the girls was on the phone with 911, the only problem was that none of them knew where they were (Drunk fucks). So I had to speak to 911 dispatch again. I told the man the address , gave the girl back her phone and left them. I have little sympathy for drunk drivers. I think it's o.k to kill yourself, but if you put others at risk, you should go to jail. If you get in a car with a drunk asshole you are asking to be killed. You girls with dudes who drink and drive, one day you won't make it home, and it will be your own fault. And lets say you don't die in the accident but some poor by standard does, then the victims family should be allowed run over you while the police hold you down, what a world it would be.
I also saw a girl getting man handled by the police at Union. I could see she was an attractive girl and that's what made it so unusual. She was trying to put her shoes on and the cop just kept crushing her head into the police cruisers hood. It looked funny, seeing a hot chick in a skirt, handcuffed, and bent over a cop car getting her face smashed into the metal, fiddling with her feet trying to put her heels on. The cop just kept kicking the shoes around trying to help her but she kept bucking him and making it more difficult. Police brutality? no mouthy cunt. I laughed and left.
One last thing, driving west on Jasper, I pull up to a red light. The guy idling in the lane next to me was passed the fuck out. At first I thought he was writing a text message but as I looked closer I realized he was sleeping. When the light turned green I got out and knocked on his window. Still there was no movement. I knocked again and again nothing, then a co-op taxi pulled up and laughed at him with me, the dude was driving a brand new BMW. Then the co-op driver called the cops. Ha, all the money in the world won't let get him get behind the wheel of that car any time soon. Unless ofcourse the dude was a narcoleptic.
Not the craziest night but still thought provoking, somewhat.
I cut my shift short tonight because I got sleepy, I tried to buy an energy drink to help me, but it made me feel fucked up, so I went home early. Fatigue puts others in danger, because of a lack of concentration and all that shit, it's better to stay off the road. So to all those mother fucks who don't realize that driving drunk is dangerous, go fuck yourselves. To all you people who call Taxis Thank you.


starbucksqueen said...

you made my night taximan

Triple D's said...

I agree with you, drunk drivers get what they ask for. My problem though is when they take innocent lives and don't give to shits because they feel as though they are invincible.

Taxi's are awesome, but some people don't want the inconvenience of having to take another back in the morning to pick up their vehicle, hence why they drive home drunk..

Help me get the word out there that there are companies such as Dedicated Designated Drivers that drive the patron in their vehicle to their desired destination.. for a very fair rate. Keep everyone aware and safe!