Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is the first time I've used the computer to start communicating the life I have driving a taxi in the city of Edmonton. I have already been driving for a commercial company for several years. Well two. Edmonton is going through a boom. The oil industries digging up Canadian oil are producing a huge economic boost in Alberta. This boost is one of the reasons Edmonton is so unique to drive in. Right now because of the boom the city is moving, especially at night. At least, I think so, I only work the night shift.There is more bad driving done in the day then drunk driving at night, and plus the people are usually loaded, meaning it could be a fun trip with the fares inhibitions down, and a good opportunity for a reasonable tip, or it could be some crazy lunatic crack head with no money. Anyway I love it.
When I first started driving, my knowledge of the city was substantial but because the city was continuously in a state of booming turmoil things could be difficult. Prostitution is something I began to deal with, crack, addicts and dealers were other types of people I began to be introduced to. They scared me, they thrilled me and I hope they can thrill you too. These are the ways I spend my nights working the streets of the city of Edmonton.


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Well man, I don't know what you were complainin about your writing skill, I like yer opening blog post even.

btw, this is that kid you picked up at the TD at 82nd and 83rd and gave yer blog address to.

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graeme thank you it means a lot