Friday, November 23, 2007


A good old Thursday, tonight was awful in the beginning, but toward the end, it got decent. In the beginning there was a whore. I picked her up at the Johns house. He prepaid for the ride, he over paid for the ride, thirty five dollars for a twenty two dollar fare. Awesome. While he was paying with credit, asshole, he mentioned to me that he did not have sex with her. She was getting ready, she was still in the house while he paid. The dude also told me that women are fucked up, I thought sure, if you look for them using a 1-800 number. She gets in.
"South side" she tells me the exact address. The dude gets left behind. We start driving. I ask the women how old she is, she looks nineteen. She says twenty four. O.k sure, my next question was what do you do?, already knowing the answer. There is no response for a few long seconds, then she tells me "I'm a escort, except I don't use an agency ." I tell her that's dangerous, she doesn't care. Then I asked if she had any crazy stories, she did. She told me that in her seven years of being a working girl she has only had five bad Dates. Number one, the dude was psychotic, she had to jump out of a moving car while some crazy mother fucker dove into a wall and killed himself. That's probably not the whole story , but this young girl was a hooker but she wasn't a junkie , she was sober. I believed her, to an extent. The second bad date, according to her was a guy who paid half up front a half after, except after they finished he pulled a gun on her and told her to get out. She was having a bad day that day and she told the fucker to shoot her, he asked her out on a date. She told me she went, but she had to pay for the coffee.
The third was a guy also trying to get his money back, she used a cigarette to burn one of his eyes. Aaaaaaa., The last one I can remember her telling me about was some guy who tried to rip her off, so she slashed at his throat and ran away. She told me she did not know what happened to the guy, She didn't care. When we got to the motel she asked me for the change, the dude paid me well, but I guess I had to pay for her stories.
After that I drove two more whores. One was an ugly dirty junkie the other a young girl who did rub and tugs. They both loved their jobs. Fuck them, hahahaha for money.
There was also this girl that got in the car with this BC mother fucker. He was a coke addict rig pig. The girl was strange. She had just broken her back. She could walk. When we started moving the dude snorted some blow, whatever I didn't look. Then she did one, I could tell, she was unable to bend over it was funny. What was even more funny was the guy tried to force the women down to his crouch fora blow job, but she screamed in pain to stop him. Almost all Rig Pigs are going to hell I hope.
Last but not least, this Chicky, young, hot and under arrest for drinking and driving. I picked her up at the cop shop. When she got in I immediately accused her of drinking and driving,But she said no, that the guy in front of her backed into her, while she was driving drunk. Her breathalyzer read over 2.0. She was drunk, I could tell she stank, but I was nice, she was crying. I would too, if I hit some fucker, totalled my new car, lost my license and had five thousand dollars in fines. I drove her home, the only problem was that the cops kept her car keys, and her home keys . We drove back to the cop shop, they towed the car across the city, her keys were in it. We drove to the impound lot it was closed. Hahahahahah, she could not believe that she had gotten caught, her parents were in Mexico, she had no choice but to go and spend the night with her ex cheating boyfriend. Let that be a lesson to us all DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

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