Sunday, November 25, 2007

Anti Social, No Reason

So tonight was a Saturday, a good Saturday. I made money so thanks all of you good tippers out there. It snowed a little bit, during rush hour (1pm-3pm) the cold and the snow are good for business. On Saturday nights you see a lot if stupid shit. Drunks fighting girls who should go home going to become whores, it's sad but you know what I'm talking about. Tonight was no different, fights slobs everywhere. All my were very good though. All of them except one, I picked her up at the Shaw Conference Center, a Christmas party animal. She was over fifty, and she was wearing a skimpy dress that showed off her curves, a little to much. Whatever. She gets in and tells me an address that's off of a hundred and eighteen ave, bad neighbourhood, whatever she did not look like a prostitute. So we move. On the way she wanted to stop and get money from the bank machine at the husky. This husky is dirty, lots of bums and crack dealers hang out there. When she steps out of my car I notice she is not wearing shoes. So in she goes bare foot. Comes back and still has no money. She promises she will have it. I don't care, she doesn't look like someone that would run so we continue. I drive her to the 711 on fiftieth street. She goes inside. While she is in there I spot a fancy red truck park next to me. There is a very young girl smoking an leaning against the 711 wall, outside. The dirty rig pig int the red truck solicit her for sex. I call the whore hot line and report them, only because the girl was about fifteen years old. Those men should die. I would like to tell you their license plate number but I gave it to the police, they should do something with it, we all hope. The old half naked lady comes back. No money, she throws out all the possessions in her purse, makeup and a flask. This bitch is loaded. She tells me she broke up with her old man tonight. I drive her to her address, again she leaves her shoes in the car along with her purse and flask. Barefoot she tries to get into her locked house. When she finally makes it back, she mentions that her son took her keys, we have to drive to St. Albert to the ex boyfriends house for me to get paid. I drive there, she almost falls asleep on the way, but I don't let her, we all know how that can turn out. So we get to the boyfriends house, he is not home, she offers me a hundred bucks to brake in, I say no. Then she jumps out of the car bare foot and goes to his neighbours house to ask for the fifty dollars she owes me. She gets it, even gives me a five dollar tip, I throw her shoes and back to Edmonton I go. She was a strange half naked old lady to say the least.
That was it for fares but there is more. Tonight I picked up a couple of kids at the Y after hours dance club, its a dirty place but its open all night, and people always go there for the late night drug party's. They live on the north side so I move in that direction. I'm on Jasper ave moving east past ninety fifth street when I see a women laying in front of a Black jeep. The diver and the Jeeps passengers are out there looking at the women. They hit her. I had never seen a pedestrian accident until tonight. The three people from inside the car were trying to move the women, she was hurt bad. They should not have been touching her. I asked my fare if I could go back to make sure everything was O.K. Even though the people who hit her were still there I thought we should check it out. Right as I pull up to the jeep the three people (a black man driving, a white dude sitting shotgun and a girl in the back) jump back into their car and leave the scene. The women is almost unconscious, and breathing very shallow. She looks homeless. I call 911. There is two other witnesses both bums and prostitutes. They know the license plate number. I report the jeep and the cops send an ambulance. I wish I had followed that car. Those bastards left that women for dead. When the rescue crew arrived they told me they might have a broken neck. I saved her life, but the criminals got away, for now. I over heard one of the witnesses say that the men in the car told them not to say a word, and I heard the witness say that the assholes kicked her after moving her to make sure she wasn't kidding around. Poor women. I gave my statement to the police, me and my fare watched in horror as the women was lifted into the ambulance. My fare was happy I turned around, so was I. We saved her life, every other cab just kept going, fuck that bullshit. On the way to my fares house we all talked about how fucked up seeing them leave was. Sad world, but we helped save her life. The 911 dispatch guy even said I did a good job, but all can think of is those bastards in the jeep. I wish I took a picture of their faces, fuck them.


Jessica Rabbit said...

that is a crazy ass story.
I'm really sorry that happened last night :(

~ the gigglers

bRaT said...

that was really nice of you...

the world's goin to the dogs again..