Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pissed, right off your walker

Not much to say about this Friday. No whores, no junkies. I got pulled over by the police though. I was leaving fort Saskatchewan, there was a red light, I came to a rolling stop, and then made a safe right turn onto a high way. Driving along talking on the phone when the red and blue lights came at me, fast. Fuck he pulled me over, for the rolling stop. fuck. He gave me a warning, o thank God.
My first fare was a guy who stank like urine. He had a walker and he moved slowly very slowly. To the liquor store and back was his game. So I pack up the walker and we go, I get to the liquor store, take the walker out and wait. He takes forever, comes back, I packed the walker up and drive him home. When we got there he has booze but no more money, he used a credit card and paid. Then I got him his walker he got out slowly and it was over right, no the fucker left a little wet spot, fuck the whole night the taxi smelled like pee, even though I bought febreez, Fuck.
There was also this guy who just kept crying about how controlling his sister is. He actually cried tears. He was obviously depressed, I told him not to smoke crack, and to see someone professional about that depression. What's wrong with a little Zoloft, Paxil, or any of those anti depressants.
My last fare was in the military, he was young, he just finished nailing a chick that he did not know, score. He is going to Afghanistan soon. I asked him if he was scared, he said no. He said that he'll see when he gets there. He said he believes in the war. I don't. the United States dragged us into it. Fuck them. Let them fight and die in vein. I liked the kid though , he was young I hope he comes back.
O there was also some chick who put her hand on my crotch while she paid. I think she was on the coke. What can you do?
Run don't walk, or call a taxi.


Bill said...

Whats a rolling stop. Never heard of that one in the UK. Think the laws a little different in the USA re red lights. Isnt it something to do with you can turn right at any red light. Not sure

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Amber L. said...

good thing you didn't get a ticket!! we have one of those drunk old fuckers that pees on himself in my town too, but we aren't supposed to pick him up. we have fabric seats NEVER GET THE SMELL OUT!! he's always standing on the side of the road cursing at us for getting him.........uhh dude? try some depends.

i think it's wrong to drag countries into a war they have nothing to do with......sorry for that. really none of us should be there let those fuckers kill eachother leave us alone.

have i mentioned i'm your newest most loyal fan :)

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taxitalk said...

Amber don't worry about the war thing Canadians follow the U.S like a little brother, don't worry we are not in Iraq. Afghanistan was a country that needed help becoming a sovereign nation, otherwise it would be a place for evil to rise up in,I was a little harsh in the blog