Saturday, November 17, 2012

Verbs! Subjects

It's better that you don't have sex with anyone ever again. It's just better that way. I didn't think that it was this big of a deal till now. Why is that? It's because I have these assignments to do. There is stuff that's just more important. Then sex? Yes.
I am throwing myself into a fire. There is nothing but pain and suffering there. I want to use the hot air like a hot air balloon. I have wings that can act as a balloon like thing.
It's better to stay there then to fall in. The truth is that being human means you're in the flames. We're a unique entity. Our relationship with our goals is driven by a heart of .........
Again the night seems to end with everything I need. The world is connecting possibility all the time. Existence is not futile. The world is an amazing experience. We can see things happening for miles away.

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