Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mad Gash

The nights are always getting a little colder! People are always avoiding what they are suppose to be doing. Just trying to pass the time as idly as possible. We all reach out.

 "I want to talk to you" she quoted herself on his Facebook status.
"Was that about me?" he asked non nonchalantly as he was bending over to scratch his ankle. 
"Fuck Jason you need to go to Yogo!" she noticed as he made his way up from the exercise. "When was the last time you worked out?"
"I don't know." He said scratching his head. She looked at him and rubbed his belly. "I kind of liked it when we were just facebok friends." He knew the comment was going to make her recoil.
"What do you mean? What's wrong!' What the hell baby?" She panicked. 
"I feel overwhelmed, you're all over me!" the words fell out of his mouth. She' couldn't believe it!
"What are you saying? Why are you doing this, we just met. I want to do everything you want me to!" The fear was setting inside her. She knew she'd made another mistake.
"I don't know. Not sure if I can do this. I gotta play some video games with Jeff tonight, I really think it's important." The video games made him smile more then she did. She knew that.
"I hate this, you're a fucking liar Joseph!" The slip was a surprise to both of them. He knew him. She just looked at him. The smile on his face made her angry. He could see her face grow white. He became colder. She wanted him so bad. They stood there looking at each other, in the waste land of their union.

He was holding an axe to her, again she let it in.

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