Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fuck faces!

Sit up straight, don't let anyone see you fall
you're growing up soundly, in a parking stall
you know I'll never leave you, I have a car
new Ride beside you is'a soulless scar.
Delivering me from evil to die
to a lifetime of days to defile, sigh!  
such a drunken morning, not noble
a careless adventure that snowballed
she rested and sat up and fell so hard
so hard, on her back, clumsy, pull that card! 
It's a a gamble being classy these days
no one really cares about your patient ways
you're sickly and old, decrepit with mold. 
Siblings are unworthy and lonely and old.
sit up straight and don't let anyone see you fall!

1 comment:

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