Sunday, November 11, 2012

Electric Extra

I always thought she was ugly. I remember sitting around with the other kids on the block talking about ours. Certain kids thought theirs was pretty, "Not mine" I'd say. I didn't really ever feel bad about it. As I grew older the feeling seemed to fade, coming to terms that most kids moms were ugly. Mine wasn't an exception. She came home form work angry and she made me sandwiches and suppers always looking pissed off . My dad just chumped around. Relaxing and never really engaging in anything.
Some of my friends parents fucked. I could tell by watching them. Some of my friends parents kissed. I never saw my parents appear intimate.
 I always wondered why I picked the women that I pick to fall in love with. I'm a fast runner. I'm aggressive and assertive. I'm fit. But my women rarely are. 
"Not mine!" I'd say when someone asks me if my partner is pretty. She isn't I'd have to say. She's sexy. She's a women, of whom you know she reminds me!

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