Saturday, November 10, 2012

a new camera and my old life back

I yelled at him, I was wanting him to buy me a camera. He is suppose to buy me a camera. He didn't though.
"You'll never get yourself out of this rut!" he told me, I just nodded my head and aggreed.
"Yeah! I'll never amount to anything more then you!" I told him, head down and obnoxious. All I could think about was mom watching The Hulk by herself and my son. "Dad! I'm as bad a father as you are. You know why?"
He Looked at me, bewildered. And answered "I wasn't a bad father."
"You were the worst!" I erupted finishing his sentence. "You were the weakest, most worthless mother fucker on our low income block dad!"
"How can you say that?" He demanded, shifting the car back into third, the weather was getting bad.
"Fuck!" I said breathing heavy. "I hate you! You should just let us crash, I just want to hit a poll!" I grabed the wheel of the the 4by4 and pulled us over into another lane, there is no one there.
"What the fuck are you doing" he yelled, terrified.
"I'd fucking kill you dad! You're so God Damn blind man! You're killing yourself anyway! And you're setting the par so low!"
"What do you want form me son!" he asked, pulling the car back into control. "What do you want form me?"


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