Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I wished he was just a dream

I could feel myself slipping when I looked at him. He was exactly what I wanted him not to be. It sucked. Everything in my world was changing and he was staying the same. "God you fucking suck!" I yelled, he just looked over at me. We'd been together so long that we were starting to look alike. "I don't understand how you can't see that everything you do can be so much better if you did it for the right reasons. "What?" he asked, that was it. "Is that all you can say? We're here and nothing's changed" I said,  feeling so angry. "I want to help!" He said. "That's what you've said since day one, but you've never done anything" My voice always broke when I tried to confront him in the past, now all I do is yell. "I can't speak to you anymore, I think you're awful." I could tell I hurt him but you know what? I didn't fuckign care. He just kept driving.
We were half way to the mountains when he smirked laughing."We're no where close to where we're going! We still have at least another three hours! Relax, either way!"

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