Monday, November 19, 2012

la go la jela go la! sinnuye hm?

I need to see you coming over before I can put the broiler on high. We're having pizza and I want to have the cheese melted just right. I have an old Pomeranian I want to serve as the main course.
"People don't think that's funny!"
I don't fucking care what people think.
"Well you should, just last night on the evening news they were talking about your work"
What do you mean.
"They were saying that the people you shoot matter!"
Oh! I know that.
"Well maybe you would be worth more if you stepped up to a higher rolling plate?"
Well how do you suggest I do that?
"First thing's first! You have to start fucking some high class bitches"
Oh that sounds like I'm the right guy for the job! Where do I find these high class bitches?
"You look for men with lots of money!"
Fuck, that's horrible.
What you just said!
"What? That rich old assholes can't keep it up.
No, that that's where a young man should start.
"There is no where else!"
What do you mean.
"The world isn't getting any bigger, what's out there is almost gone and unless people change this is it!"
Shit! You mean that if I don't fuck some rich bitch right now I won't ever fuck a rich bitch cause ther'll only be like two on the earth and they'll be married to one of the boss' of the planet? 
"You're right on the ball, plus those married bitches who haven't had anything solid in them since high school are awesome...... unless you're looking to fall in love."
Well what if I was?
"Well then you're screwed, you're gonna have to be poor and raise kids in the ditch, unless you got a rich dad. So fucking a loaded cougar is kinda the only option.k?"

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