Monday, April 18, 2011

tokyo talkers

Imagine being an artist, limitless, endless, exactly the same, historically. You have your body and the medium, your hand holding the paint brush pushing the Paint on the canvas. Transferring your ....what is that it's putting on there? Yeah, your idea, your reflection, your tangible realization, your life I guess. What can you put on there, and how do you do it well? How do you make your ...(what was it?).. thought, the best. Well, you gotta know what it is, it's something that doesn't exist, right? (idiot) and it's really hard to make pretty. I'm not saying that it's ugly, but it (that thing you don't know) thinks you suck, which makes it appear nasty, it's something that tears you apart. Exposes your heart, something that exists and hurts and is ugly, red, and beating. Tangible, your tool. The hand holding its tool, your body, your heart. The heart, the part of us that surrendered to the gravity and separated itself from the non existent idea. The piece, an essence holding us together, uniting us to the universe. She is the settler, the story teller, our mother.  Our heart, is hers, she bears that gravity that holds on to the distance, her choice to stand, to remain herself. Heart, it just wants something it can never have. It wants that idea, that reflection, that vision of itself but tangible.  The way it really is, not the way our life appears. This body in comparison, to her perception, is weak and painfully mortal. We have her, and she is within us. I have a sweet body, fast, fast, a great paint brush. I really do, and I have a head, and it's like a hole. Know you can take, know you can take my head from me, my heart bleeds, to see, the pure, her companion, the un-obstructed, our dead and dear friend, the definition of idea...SOUL. Little bastard, cold as ice. a lust after. Space-less emotion, the know it all know it all, suspended in perfection. Seems like an expensive thing, but I think it's more individually expansive. Tiny to some, huge to others. And we all know how she feels about size boys. She likes the big ones...she likes Rock stars, hard, Diamonds, heartless isn't she? but only when it comes to following her deity, the Jesus's.  She has her playlist, it's pragmatic to think she can see past her chest.

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