Sunday, April 17, 2011

right then she knew she was going to sleep with

"It's 2:30am mother fucker!" he said, awakening, tired, sleepy eyed, "You know how much I like to get woken up." He was getting out of bed, clutching his cell phone. "Where are you exactly?" He asked annoyingly while slipping on his favorite Rancid shirt. The stains left by the two of them, his first time, dried. He didn't care, she knows all about how they got there. He was her lover, "lean, mean," he thought out loud. "So she's stranded!" he said to himself as he placed the blackberry he so often found himself listening to her voice from into his pocket. She needed him and he loved her for it. It was 2:30 in the morning. "Where'ev you've been" he said, rehearsing his questioning, repeating them, the answers he wanted to hear, to himself. Then settling himself into the tiny hatchback, the smell of the car, the sense, a reminder of his innocents lost, drawing him back to their encounter not more then a few hours back.
"Kiss me" she demanded, they had just met at the party up the street. He was the cutest boy there. The instant they saw each other, they knew, both of them at the same time. "You know, I knew we'd end up together the moment you laid you're eyes on me," she said remembering the glimmer, the shimmering, shinning light of hope, of excellence in his sight. " You know what I thought to myself" she asked him, her naked chest pressed up against him, their bodies smashed in the compact car. " What?" he asked. "Well" she announced, pushing her face into him, taking her arms and wrapping them around his waist, reaching as far as she could, sitting, from the passenger side. "What?" he asked again, impatient. She just looked at him and laughed. The hesitation went unnoticed while the two held themselves together clutching one another. "Well" she said a moment later hesitating again, watching him, seeing through him, it being his first time, pondering the direction he intended to push her in. " Well, I thought what the fuck, why not? I could tell, you liked me, I could see we both felt it, but I also thought." She waited to see if he wanted to hear, she waited to see, to find out, to realized he had fallen asleep with her head on his chest. "Well, I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth it!" she said, noticing the hairs in his nostrils curl as he took in the air,


whore said...

no emotional attachment = no sex.... What a an awful concept, I love all my Jons :)

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