Thursday, April 28, 2011

bloggers jerking eachother off is awfuly distateful! and arogant, it's absolut bullshit! 79% correct

"I know I'm better then they are" he said to himself in the bed room. She was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. "God has it gone that far?" he said, loud enough that she overheard him. They were both in a great mood, the show was awesome, dinner, the movie, everything went so well. That's what she was thinking when she came up to him, naked, chest first, breast heaving. He was pleased, she was a twenty four year old beauty. Why is she so good to me, he though to himself. She wanted him to tell his parents he needed the money to re finance the business. They were surviving, but barely she thought. Lowering herself towards him she helped him pull off his shirt. They were naked almost, he was still in his underpants, I'm better then they are, he thought to himself, starring at her, he didn't want her to know. "Come on baby, get naked" she demanded with a slap on his back. He laughed, fell back, looked at her gorgeous body. She was perfect, an overwhelming joy came over him. He looked at her and found he was very excited. "I thought of a really great idea baby" he said out loud, to her turned naked soul. She lay there amputated, relieved of her stagnation, her issue to probe was gone. He was done, and he hadn't even touched her. Everything was going so well, except she wasn't all there at dinner, she was with him. Their daughters best friends father, they played parents together. She was looking at his chest naked, turned to her, anticipating an embrace. Turning away, she said "I had a great idea, what's yours?" He was excited to say, but sad that she had braced herself, limiting his access to their play. It was just that the thought of that daughters friends father had and eventful impact on her. Their bodies were meant to be joined together, the two limitless were presented with such a lack of presence. "Touch me baby" he demanded. She obeyed reaching over to hold him then she listened to his rather amusing idea!

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they both laughed!