Sunday, April 10, 2011

is way to much

'I just wanted to say good night',  she wasn't having it. It was a bad night. Oh well blame it on her youth I guess. It's over the end. Now there is going to be others, interests. Heartthrobs, little stabbing pains till, the next jab. The atmosphere is already changing because of the seasons, seasons can change us. This winter busted people, straight up broke their heart, made them give up. The booms gonna be back too. A bunch of things seem to be changing again. I wounder if I'm going to be thrown a bone. Yeah I know, I'm sitting through life watching while gnawing on the fattest bone of them all. I'm actually optimistic, not that the people around me will help the world become a better place but that I'm not going to be to miserable, I really was just going to say good night, sometime it's not enough, and sometimes not enough 

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