Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Round 2

Throwing open his flip phone he read "NEW TEXT" on the screen. "Fuck yeah!" he announced with an ecstatic jump. "What is it?" asked his ill represent friend sitting next to him, observing the emotional excitement. "from what do you suck life, your energy, I can't be that happy, how do you do it Mike?" the boy sitting, said, admitting  his folly to his friend, while taking off his blue cap and rubbing his forehead. Mike was tinkering away at his phone, typing a new text. "It was from Courtney!" he said energetically, "she wants me back!" he screamed overjoyed. "The two of us had a fight a week ago!" he said reprovingly. The memory resonating in his mind like wild fire. "Ha" he laughed, thinking. "You know I never felt as close to her when we were together, as I did when we were apart!" Mike said, his voice sad sounding. He sat next to his friend, the two, side by side on the bench waiting for the 7:30 train to the university. "What did you have the fight about Mike?" asked the boy still holding his hat in his right hand, crossing his legs. Mike looked into the face of his thin friend, "she lied to me!" he said. His friend recoiled in agony. "Courtney lied to you?" he said, taken a back, with a look of disgust on his face. The two sat there, Mike crossed his legs too. A passer by also waiting for the next train asked Mike for the time. "It's 12:42" answered the boy taking a look at his wrist. "So?" he asked, his thin face sullen, "I know her" he embarked, beginning to explain himself, their relationship. Mike stopped him, "don't worry about it, she just kept some things to herself." He said, finishing up his text message and pressing send. "It doesn't matter anyway" he said unwilling to divulge any information.
They waited in silence, until the train heading south showed up. Mike was anxious, "what's the deal?"  asked his friend "aren't you feeling good?" his friend insisted on inquiring, they were making their way up through the cars, to the back of the train, Mike's eyes were blood shot, and his mouth was dry. "You know" Mike said "we ate my whole prescription today." he wasn't making it up, the two of them had sat on the trains since the night before eating Mikes amphetamine prescription. "Yeah" said the boy with the blue cap, which he had begun spinning on his finger. "I got some more at home anyway" he stopped then hesitated, "hey doesn't Courtney have a massive prescription." The boy said resting his hat over his face, leaving him blind and feeling weak and senseless. Then Mike turned to him and said, "Yeah, except Courtney wanted to stop taking the Pill! She wanted to abort treatment, stop using you know?" he stopped realizing he was grinding his teeth. Took the hat off his friends face, and looked him in the eyes and said "hey Kirk, Kirk!" Kirk turned to him, his eyes in a pool of shallowness, burnt out, but listening. "I think I love her" Mike said. Kirk turned to him, and asked "hasn't she lied to all of us?" Mike just looked away and said "I think I love her. But that's cause I know I'm the only that ever controlled her" he sighed, "in that way, with the pills." He looked in front of himself saying "I controlled her enough to know her" repeating  "that's for sure," "enough to know I need her, like I need them!" They both sat back, and listened to the train then let their eyes rest and crossed their legs. They could both hear the vibration caused by the incoming message that had just arrived to Mike's phone. It read "Just finishing up at the clinic! need to see you, feeling bad, got the meds." Mike never felt so alone in his life. He looked up through the roof and said "thank God," then looked over at Kirk and asked "So how many pills you got stashed back at home?"


Anonymous said...

good story!! ;)

bumatom said...

you sure? it's not Christian fixtion!!! Suckin that scripture dick is sick! So did you put a wager on the name, there's big bucks in it for ya!
Thanks though! lovin strockin the pros,