Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"I don't have preferences" she said, reaching out towards the bowl of fresh produce. The fruit was bare, bright shinning in the kitchen window's light. It was summer and the day's were growing dim, into twilight, lovingly, long. They, the two girls sat, together in the barren backyard, rehearsing, their method, their snap. "No' No' you must choose" said the girl holding her hand open. "I have no preference, I don't know the difference," the one said to the other. "Where is your mother?" asked the one who's friends home she was at. "We'll, she's out, she's out with her," a pause "her young, adorable, slim, slimy lover, but that does not matter." She said making a face and grabbing the Macintosh apple. "Why not the Granny Smith?" asked the friend. "Alma why do you have to bother me about this kind of stuff?" she asked her friend, who was standing above her, angry, reluctant to allow her friend to just eat any apple. "You just made the decision a little hastily you know?,  too quickly, you're almost a teenage girl" she stopped herself, smiled, picked the biggest Granny Smith out of the fruit bowl. The two girls stared at their decisions, "Alma" she asked, "Yes" answered Alma. She was heading for the terrace, the sun was shinning and she wanted to tan on their deck, but quite. Both girls had on sunglasses. It was the first warm day of the season. "So where's your mom? with her lover? What does that mean Niki?" Alma asked staring at Niki's apple reflecting the sun's light. Niki turned toward the sun and said "my dad loves green apples, he say's" she mentioned without more then an inclination just a hesitation, " he say's he likes them because they have a zest, they have a spice to them." The two sat on the lawn, beyond the small garden,  in the midday sun, both nodding their heads "yes".  "I like the green apples best Alma, I do." Niki said looking up at the Macintosh, "But I just love the color of this ones skin." then she rubbed the apple up against her cheek softly, quickly. Alma stared at Niki as she bit into the bright red apple, she could tell the texture of the fruit was crisp, it had that Crunch. The sound made her so hungry that her first bite of that Granny Smith was so meaningful, she ended up biting off more then she could


Kid_Tsunami said...

Solid conclusion man.

bumatom said...

Tsunami I actually love you so be careful, this is a dangerous world and you're beautiful! Truly, this world is filled with sharks, and doode you're pink meat...but that's a good thing, Love your posts man.

Kid_Tsunami said...

Learning to swim is never fun my friend. Love your work.