Friday, April 15, 2011

take me in alive alice evil ah canaaaaadians suck@ you how ever who am I?!

"Never mind I'll find someone like you" the boy yelled out, the two had just finished their quarrel. His father had just turned his back, "Run" his son yelled behind him. "Follow that hollow fact, run dad, it doesn't hear you! You know it." He paused, thought it over. "Go back snuggle up to her," he understood that the man he kept so close to himself, inside, was dead, "Go back, you've found your love, settling for that dream." he spoke infuriated, knowing full well that his grief was forsaken to fall on deaf ears. Ears, that have forgotten the sound of their own ambitions, their own portrayals of the lessons that hurt of awesome, of truth. Hurt the heart, saw the soul gloriously flame, stay, wave, remind us that forever we are to never mind ourselves. To stay souvenirs, regrets, mistakes made of memoirs of sweetness. "Nevermind" he yelled "Forget me!, I'll find someone like" he stopped, reacted, then said thoughtfully "someone who wants to rear the facts, be a grandfather. A member in all honesty" He squandered this speech aloud, persistently, precisely, watching his elder maneuver, toggle, tinkle himself forward, then saw the old man look back. "You've been manipulated!" his face exchanged the words deeply in-honestly. Drawn back, re counting the words that reminded himself of his past, his resistance to affording himself his own fault. "I don't regret being myself dad." He said watching his father run, observing the resistance of heart,  his intent to turn, "I love you old coward." he whispered watching, listening to the old plead with his inside, that implicit soul, trying to forget to hear, to compare the mistakes, his re perception, then get into his car, heart broken. " Run dad" he whispered to himself, "I'll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best"