Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Who's a freak...

There were those moments when I was a kid that I can still remember.
Having just got back from Europe to my mansion in saint Albert I can recall making thousands of phone calls... Well it felt like thousands. And since I was a kid during the time before caller ID I don't think my best friend and neighbor ever realized it.
The incessant  calling occurred while I waited for him to come back from his vacation. Everyone one in the crescent was on vacation, I just happened to have arrived a week earlier then the rest.
That was my luck. And I was the one phoning an empty house. I had more than one neighboring friend, but this guy was the coolest.
Funny how that works, he was two years younger than most of us but he was the coolest. He had the right stuff. His place was where the party was at. His house had the perfect parents, the sweetest sister and the hottest mom.
There were four of us in the crescent that hung out and it was cool. We were a solid group. Every one of us had a pretty solid life. Mine was the only immigrant family. We were never so solid as a family group. It's a shaky topic I guess.. Well that's what I thought.
Ends up... a few years down the line one of the kids in the hood got a brain tumor and died..
He was the type of fellow that always tried to connect with me. He had the perfect family.  I never could hold that communication shit together, while I was out in the world he used to send me letters that I never returned. I was a dink. I still am. Once a dink always a dink. I've realized that.
I've always wanted that lifestyle. To be that person whose house makes them the go to guy on the block. But that wasn't real either. That kid became an accountant. The third some sort of rig pig..
I'm not envious, they followed their fathers. I haven't done that in anyway outside of the fact that in the eyes of most people I'm pretty much a loser. I didn't get a brain tumor though. But my dad's a dink.
I had a kid... and now I guess I have a chance at giving him a perfect lil pad to brew his social life in. It's my job to do that.. I want a hot wife though,
Guess I'll have to get a couch.

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