Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So we eat ourselves

It's tough looking back and finding out why things weren't better for us as Bos'. We were a tough breed of folk but we're cannonballs. There were those moments when we stood up as a family and went to the movies.. that happened once. It was Jurassic Park, there was the water park too... once for sure.
It's easier in a smaller pack to remain stable. Not offend anyone enough to cause a problem. Everyone in my family was sensitive, we're a strange bunch of social animals. It was nice when we could all sit down and talk about how much we were collectively hating on a specific parent.. It was usually my dad who we blamed for everything. He loved playing the victim. He still does.
My father is the prime example of what not to become in life. He knows nothing about what matters in his life because he doesn't know what maters.
Love is all that matters and if a member of the family doesn't understand that blood is what keeps a breed around for generations there is a serious problem.
Immigration is something that's gotta be done in numbers.The families that are going to succeed are going to be able to nurture themselves. They're going to be about quantity over quality...
Everyone will do everything to live in the north American part of the world. We're in control of a bunch of resources. They fuel the economy and create sub divisions of class's of people...
I'm not going to be king. No one who needs to work the night shift will ever be king.
My family must inherently see that...

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