Thursday, January 2, 2014

my mag

So it' s hot and it's cold. The weather is really fucking with us... I wonder if that'll get any Albertan to stop and think about what they should do to distribute all that crude crap they love to make.

When you meet with people who have jobs, they don't do what they feel is right, they do what they are told. Girls especially.

I think they can do that because God is a girl. She's hot and she's cold. She likes to fuck with us. I wonder if the girls will ever stop to think about why they let their superiors walk all over them.

When you meet a superior there is two things you can do. You can be a subservient and do what you're told or you can tell the boss how to do things better.

If you do the latter and your suggestion is right... You're the boss. Now this presents many dilemmas. usually if you live in a Capitalistic society your idea will be ripped away from you and misinterpreted. Then it will be executed wrong and cause more problems for the world... But the boss who stole the idea will probably end up on top.

But remember anything that you do that makes the boss more powerful makes you the boss. The inportant thing to remember here is that people who have power are not able to behave like average humans call normal.

When you're in a position of power the best thing for you to do is avoid letting anyone know what you're up to.

So they never know where you're at. You have to sell yourself to people if you want power. That doesn't mean you lose yourself it means you tell people what they want to hear. You have to do it over and over again... Eventually a whole country can look at you and think that you belong to them personally, when in fact all you ever did was visit their city and go on TV.   


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