Tuesday, January 21, 2014

harder on them

There was that time I told the story of my falling to the world. There was this time where I was with my  family in Europe. We were so young, I was like nine and my cousin was thirteen. We were trapped in Germany at my Nazi cousins place. MyNazi  cousin was closer to my mothers age. She had a daughter that was my age. We hung out. My cousins daughter was going to school at the time because the Germans did not have a routine schedule like Canadians institutions or the rest of Europe.

We had to stay in Europe because my cousin didn't want to drive us to Poland. Poland was where it was at. There you could play with fire crackers and get drunk before you finished the fifth grade. I felt trapped in Germany, every thing there was so pretentious.
There was this time I was playing soccer with a bunch of the locals and I scored on my self. I was lucky that I wasn't crucified on the swing set over in the neighbouring park. I also played soccer with one of my cousin's neighbours, he was this kid that came to visit his grandmother… She was this crazy grandmother lady that'd feed us sandwiches and tea before we were off to kick ass..

The old woman was married to this man, a man my cousin's daughter accused of touching her. I played soccer with the old man's grand son, and he was always able to kick my ass..

Falling to this world's gotta be a common theme. We're probably all victims of one mans gamble or the next. Women can be treated like men too… Life's

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