Friday, January 3, 2014

It should have fallen apart a long time ago... but this ain't soap it don't run out...

Good, bad, right, wrong, up, down, there is no such thing in the long run... It's all the same right?

People tend to think that the world is going to break, I wish I could hang out with an astronaut.

Imagine seeing the world spin under you the way they get to... Everything we'll ever be, trapped, on a ball. It looks so ugly these days. I'm guessing that you can see it degrading from up there, it's running out.

I think mother nature chooses to see what play's out on here surface. I think she likes to push things to the edge as she reaches a certain point in her life.
She may even have a little bit of materialistic qualities in her...
She's enjoying letting us become real gross creatures I bet. She's older and I think we're really giving it to her.
Strange way to see it I guess. The astronaut probably see's it as a ball. A mass of partials that you can understand. He predicts "good things" when he say's things to the news anchors but he can really see what's happening on the planet. He can recognize the pointlessness of it all. I bet he appreciates that it can even hold itself together the way it does...  
Bet'chya  he doesn't talk about the crack you can see... just to protect us..

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