Sunday, May 6, 2012

Urinary track infection

The road was wet from the rain but the storm was over, he was finally feeling secure riding. "I can't stand hydroplaning." She was sitting next to him.
"You can't stand!" she wasn't happy with him in general, he was a wimp. "You think that the rain's that dangerous eh?"
"What?" he asked, she knew he'd think it was a dump question.
"Nevermind!" she answered angry, crossing her legs. He reached over to hold her thigh.
"I miss the old car!" his voice was sincere, "I miss driving the standard, I felt like I had more control!" she understood what he was talking bout.
"Yeah, the other car was smaller, I miss zippin round in it too!" she looked out the window. The air outside was fresh she tried to roll down the window but it didn't work. "Fuck!"
"I know!" he reached and pushed the button to roll his window down. "It's broken!" he said laughing and toggling the button. They both laughed. "I love you baby!" she knew he was telling her the truth. She didn't smile.
"Then you better make sure that you get a standard soon!" grabbing his hand "What do you think we 're going to be doing in  a year from now, or ten?" It was something she had been meaning to ask for the last two years.
"What'd you mean?" he asked, and it was exactly what she'd been dreading.
"You haven't even though about it?" she screamed trowing his hand off her thigh. "Don't fucking touch me!" He upset her.
"Why do you do this? what's your fucking problem." He understood what she was talking about and he didn't care.
"I want to get the fuck out of here." she clambered.
"Just settle down, we still have 80km to go, wait the fuck up!' he sounded demanding.
"Why you acting so fucking tough?" she asked. pushing herself away from him. It was getting dark, the sun was setting over the horizon. The moon was showing herself over the prairie. "I don't think I can do this with you!" Her voice thinned as he looked over at her. "The roads baby, pay attention to the roads." She laughed as he looked back at the asphalt, the reflection of the light off the drops of water on the windshield, intrigued her. "You gonna love me baby through the thick of it?" she asked.

"I'm twenty two years old, what's your problem babe?" he was genuinely confused. "I want to get the fuck out the city for good, and I honestly don't know if you give a shit!" It made her laugh to think he actually gave a shit. "I don't think you care about the same things as I do" he sounded so arrogant to her.
"Just shut, you're fucking worthless!" she shouted, with a smile on her face, and right as she did a lightening bolt struck and they both shuttered under the thunder. He looked over at her.
"That was loud eh!" he was shocked. "I wasn't expecting that!" She looked down past the windshield and  through the rain towards the setting sun. The sky was dulling into a gray from a pink.

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