Thursday, May 3, 2012

shards of fragile latex

The room was wet, there were two men seated in the corner of the cell. The temperature was hovering just above zero, they both appeared cool, except one was wearing a coat and the other next to nothing.
"I was waiting for her! I wanted her to be there, I need her so much" The inmate ejaculated half naked. "I already told you guys, I don't want to do this any more, Please!"
"You've been detained, you're here to stay sir! Now please tell me why you were at the victims house. We've found you're finger prints on the the door of her vehicle and the inside of her home. We know you were with her!" The Sargent sounded like a robot. He had seen cases like this thousands of times. Victims mascaraed by their jealous ex spouses.
" I don't know! I don't believe you either!" He began to buckle in the cool air. His feet were beginning to go numb. "This is a horrible place!" the echo of his voice in the small space made him feel better.
"you're not getting out" he heard the officer say. The cold voice had no echo, it just died in his head, it got stuck to the extent that he didn't know whether or not to believe in himself and what was happening to him. He remember eating dim sum with his dad early that afternoon. It was there that he got the phone call. "She phoned me!" He said, in a slur, remembering out loud. "It was her that wanted me!" right there he realized she had trapped him. This was a sabotage. "Fuck" He yelled, startling the incoherent human bot.
"What?" inquired the officer "exactly did she want from you?"
"She wanted me to wait!"the man said breaking down, cold.
"She wanted you to wait!... Did you wait" interrogated the machine.
"No... I fucked someone else." the words ran cold out past his face.
"Why'd you kill her?" the question sounded warm coming from the zombie.
"I don't know!It wasn't her fault!" he started to cry,
"Who's fault was it?"

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