Monday, May 7, 2012

Ever fucked for Cash?

"If you can hook me up with some money!" she said breathing down his neck. She was hungry and he knew it.
"Baby you got to eat!" He cared about her and she knew it. "Why haven't you eaten, why don't you eat at home." She looked at him kind of funny.
"Why are you asking me those kinds of questions, you know how I feel about living with my mom!" He knew what her father had told her about.
"You're talking about not letting her take care of you?" He asked, "isn't that what you're dad told you not to do!"
She remembered telling him. "Why am I so open with you! You use everything I tell you against me!" She watched as he tapped his fingers on the table. She was still standing breathing down his neck. "She's alone and we need each other. Actually!" pushing her face into his neck. They touch, he pulls her closer, and smells her hair.
"I fucking love you, you know that, stay with me. You won't need the money!" The whole time he was saying it she laughed.
"I can't fucking leave her! and anyway you have you're kid! You don't want me to meet your kid." It was true, but things were changing. "I want to do something different!"
"I know you do, and I want to help you I want to wake up with you every morning!" The sun lightly drifted in through the kitchen window and touched his face. She remembered their Sunday morning showers at her place, bathing in the sun rise.
"My mom doesn't like you, she thinks you're a slut, that's why we can't meet at my house anymore!" She thought about the moment she walked in on them, fucking in the shower.
"I am ... Kinda!" he laughed "Well while I'm with you!"

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