Thursday, May 17, 2012

it s because of how I meet people

"Lets not forget how we met" he almost spelled it out in front of her.
  "You think I'm a slut!" she insisted insulted.
  "Well!" he shrugged "if you say so!" the way he looked at her said it all.
  "We met while you were working!" she shrugged.
  "So! it's not like my job had anything to do with us hooking up! I would have found you no mater what I was doing." They hugged. "I really love you so much!"
  "So what do you think I did last night?" she asked.
  " don't know! Should I?" he asked looking over at her thinking about whether or not she was being serious.
  "I'm not telling you!" she knew her words would hurt him, she knew because he felt everything she did, they were in love.
 "I can already hear you with him!" he said accusing her. "I always could, that's why I knew I had to get rid of you!"

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