Thursday, May 10, 2012

fat girl

"I was flipping through an old album today and there you were!" He said surprising her.
  "What are you talking about I haven't let anyone take a photo of me in years!" she exhausted reluctantly.
  "It was unbelievable, it was when we first met, you were cute!" He said reluctantly.
  "What do you mean cute" she laughed, "I was fat!"
  "That's the first time I saw an old photo of you in years!" He stopped. "I...I eh. I forgot how much I loved you!" he confessed. It made her smile. He laughed. "You were smiling just like that!" he whispered staring at her. "You have these dimples, they're so... You 're so hawt!" he looked her over. She was wearing sandals and a hat. "You're everything I ever wanted!" he said moving in to embrace her.
  "I'm the best you 'll ever have!" she refuted. "I'm all you'll ever know!" the way she spoke and presented herself made her seem so confident. He was infatuated with her and she knew it. "I want you to give me that photo!" she said aggressively.
  "Is that a hint of jealousy I detect?" He asked closing in closer to her. She smiled.
  "No, I just want that picture back!" she demanded. "I want to show all my friends. You know what I'm thinking, I'm thinking I want a new facebook profile." She was beginning to get annoying.
  "What?" he smirked.
  "Yeah I want it for my facebook! I have so many friends that comment!" Her voice was so sweet.
  "I thought you said you thought you were fat back then! You want to share that with all your friends!" she sensed the sarcasm.  "You don't want it for your facebook! you just to want take it form me!" The look the remark left on her face left him speechless.
  "Let me see it!" she demanded.
  "No" he decided. "It's not an option. We don't always get to hold on to things we want!"
  "I've already forgotten about you" she said rolling her eyes back into her head.
  "I know you have!" he laughed, "It's cause I fell in love with you when you were a

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