Tuesday, May 8, 2012

she french kissed me

There just happened to be so much work. They were both caught up on the case.
  "We have to make this work if we're gonna make it in the company!" She was right, she was gentle in the way she talked too. "Why don't we research tonight! Target our demographic!" I had a hard time saying no to her.
  "I ah! Don't think I can cum out tonight, I ah! I ah! Got this stuff to do on my web site!" he thought about the programing, "You see I have this big back end!" She laughed.
  "That's okay. I know a thing or two about content management, I think I can show you!" It was exciting when she talked to me about work, because she understood what I needed.
  "I don't know much about my front end though! Do you?" I stepped up to her, to get closer.
  " I do! I fucking love CSS!" I could smell her breath, we had both just finished eating TacoDelmar.
  " I fucking love Jalapenos!" and that's when it happen, right after we ate Mexican food together! I farted!

It was funny, because she knew how tense I was about that kind of stuff.
  "Shit! Sorry!" I laughed, I was embarrassed. She laughed at me.
  "It's okay! You didn't shit your pant's did ya?" I looked down, she just stared at me.
  "Well, we are drinking tequila!" I said thinking she'd laugh.
  "But we're not!" she answered. I never got drunk with her that night. She wanted to. "Cum on, pour me a shot of something." I didn't want to drink.
  "I don't have anything to drink!" I was lying to her. I had several bottles of alcohol.
  "Cum on. Get me drunk!" I didn't want to.
  "I don't drink! I like to fuck!" It sounded vulgar. But she liked it.
  "Don't we all?" she asked.
  "You won't cum if you get drunk!" I said.
  "Why would you say that?" she asked.
  "Because, when I'm drunk I don't!" I answered. She was precious.
  "Well, then!" she said, "I have cocaine!" and she took out a small bag of powder.
  "Yeah!" I said as she worked out a line. "Fuck!"
  "Want some?" she asked, pushing over a small mirror racked with rails. It made me laugh.
  "Holy shit!" I screamed, amazed that her hands were so well kept and she was a fiend. "You're fucking beautiful" I told her, because she was, I could see myself tasting her. She was so perfect, it was clock work. "You get high?"
  "What?" she remarked, "What!" over and over. "What the fuck? What!" I was like.
  "You got sexy hands and feet!" but she didn't care. She had already given up on me. "But what, what about the company!" And right then she stopped in mid snort of her fifteenth line of what was probly meth!
  "The company!" She said stunned, "Oh yeah!"
  "Fucking lay off that shit!" I told her. "And go to your doctor and get em to get you some pills to eat!"  I was serious. "You're an addict, and I think you're trying to kill yourself!" She didn't care.
  "I don't give a shit what you think! I'll do it!" I didn't know what she was talking about! "For the Company!" She meant it I guess cause six months later we were in a club managing that account! "Fuck Jesus you are a hustler!" I told her, we were outside smoking, she looked so good in these high heels and this red dress.
  "What are you talking about, I got the account because I sucked that fuckers dick!" My heart dropped when I heard her say that. I almost fell to the ground, it was wet and raining. "I'm'a joke!" she laughed. I fucking laughed out loud. and

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