Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eat a spoon! and buy a free ticket

The two boys sat at the table together. Not one of them looked like they belonged, "Eric this is ridiculous," one yelled to the other, "let's get back to work."
"Jerry" yelled Eric, "What the fuck is wrong with you, is work the only thing you can do?"  He looked warn out, they both did. "Jerry, the two of us need to rest!" Jerry just sat and rubbed his eyes, while Eric drank the dry draft. "I'm genuinely incapable of doing this any more. Fuck man, aren't you tiered?" Jerry could hear the sincerity in his partners voice.
"I can't, Eric!" he snapped, "I'm not gonna fucking stop cause you're tiered!" he looked around the table. "What do you need to get up and come with me?" The question surprised Eric, who stopped to think,
"what do you mean?" He said holding his beer.
"How much would it take to get you to stand up?"
"Jerry? seriously, we haven't eaten at all, the last thing I had was that cold rice your mom made!" Jerry just smiled.
Then he said "how hungry are you?" The question only confused Eric who really was too hungry to make any decisions.
"I don't want to talk to you any more man!" Eric mumbled, the waitress brought another round. She was wearing high heels, she had long brown hair. Eric could see life in her eyes. He smiled at her as she served Jerry his beer. They both watched her walk away. "Why don't you ask her to help you Jerry?"
"What would I want with her?" He said still watching her as he took the first taste of his beer. "Fuck this is good!" No on moved, they both sat and drank their beer.

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