Wednesday, May 9, 2012

in your mouth

It s all about me. All I could think about was myself. "Man!" I hadn't had a day to myself in a long time. And looking around it's hurt things.
  "I was sure you were going to come to the event!" she said over the intercom. They were alone in the school.
  "I didn't think you wanted me there on account that you already had a date" he said out loud. It made him feel ridiculous standing alone in the classroom speaking to what looked like himself.  "Can you see me" he asked, his voice stringing itself along in thin air.
  "No!" she responded, "but I can hear you, we tripped the alarm. I knew we would, It's okay though, I got the key!" Her voice clipped in and out of over the intercom.
  "Ah, so" he started speaking, standing alone right as she walked in.
  "Alarms off!  We are free to roam the premises!" they were in her school. She loved it. "I can do whatever I want in here!" she stated happily.
  "Cause" he began, "you're the principle" he said smiling. She shrugged and smiled at him. They both laughed. It was an awkward moment, he kept his eye s locked on her's.
  "I wish you were willing to have a drink!" looking away she said with her soft voice. He winced at the lose of the contact.
  'Drink!" he said loudly, "But we're at your work!" he looked around. "An elementary school at that!"
  "Yeah I know, but it's summer vacation!' she started looking him over smiling.
  "What are you doing" he asked knowing what that look on her face meant. "No!" he stopped, "Not here!" looking around "in the library?" It reminded her of when she was a teenager.
  "I was kicked out of the public library once!" The thought put a smile on her face.
  "For what?" he asked backing away. She just ignored him.
  "This is my library and we can do whatever we want!" she said excited as she lunged at him. He embraced her as she tactfully tore his clothes off.

  "The sex was great!" she said, he thought so too.
  "Yeah well I'm no...." he stopped to think. "What's that guy's name? That guy you're seeing!" She didn't answer him at first.
  "I'm not seeing him anymore!" she said pulling up her panties.
  "Sure, sure" he nodded smiling. "How long's it been since you seen' em" he asked.
  "Bout seven hours!" she answered.
  "Well!" he started as he commenced slipping his pants back on. "I don't think you should tell em you had my

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