Friday, August 21, 2009

This was a really unexpected day.

Global Edmonton is officially the Sponcer of Not! but they did totally do a great story and they used every minute of the footage I produced, Rock and fucken role. Here is the link Cab coasts going down.
Here is the RSS feed. I just couldn't make a living. Here is the CBC link it's not my story it's the whole wed episode watch it then you can maneuver the video controls.
I got a cool shoe cord for my camera so and the clubs are waiting for me to shot their patron. I'm excited to try the new device, it lets me play with light by giving freedom with my flash. You guys tell me what you think of my exposure, I thought the Global part was great, Linda Nguyen was awesome and nice. Her camera man was on the ball too. He made sure my dirty house was out of the shot. You guys I must be one of the most powerful Barrel driver to ever exist, just wait it's my turn to bite the bullet. Oh and the CBC, Man I'm too flustered.