Sunday, August 23, 2009

Phormaly known as Phank

My unemployment issues are being dulled out of my mind by my new job. It's not really a job....yet. So in the very beginning of the summer I was hired as a club Zone photographer. Cool gig. I got to go to the night clubs and photograph the patrons. Initially I sucked. Club Zone only had six paying gigs for me to shoot. I did them. Over those six shoots I did some mild upgrading to my camera stuff and I got better. One of the club owners liked my style and asked me to come back and I did.
I've been back about a dozen times now. I don't get paid much but I am getting exposure. Lots of it. I've done at least 400 pictures all involving 1 to 20 people. I'm learning to get them looking good. Well there is only so much I can do. My flash has become an extension of my arm. Lighting sucks in night clubs. Everyone looks good in the dark. That's something I learned in the Taxi.
The Taxi, I don't miss driving, I miss how I did it. I miss what I did. I'm doing it in other ways. I just got to get cash, make money doing what you want to do. Being who you want to be. The taxi was my medium. My stage. I was in control of more then just the car, I was in control of my where I was going. Taking people to where they wanted to be was a delightful burden to bear as long as I got to put on my show. A fare getting in my car meant a curtain was lifted off of me and when my top light was switched off, a spot light shined down on yours truly.
Taking photographs is sweet. Just the thrill of approaching someone to ask if they want their picture published on a clubs web sit. Most females want it. They pose for me before I even ask if I can take a picture. Club owners recognize that. That I'm actually getting them thrilled. That excitement is also translated into a photograph that is posted on a clubs site, the photograph becomes a marketing weapon. So I guess that taking photographs is beyond sweet, it's dangerous. That means that maybe there is potential for an explosive career ahead of me. Don't worry kids I got Ideas baby I got Ideas. Like common how many people do you know that can get the T.V stations to do stories on them.

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Punch said...

I learned a long time ago. Free work gets you more free work. Can you show the pics? might be nice to see.