Friday, August 21, 2009

Texttual, talk. Take it easy baby!

How is taxitalk going to work without the taxi? Well I'll be the judge of that. Concordia. My new school has handed me my schedule. A miserable timetable filled with courses like "Brain Behavior change, Social psychology, Intro to Christ, Soccer and English lit. To top it off I have an Applied Music class. The price of the fifty minute lesson, 420$. The teacher smokes dope. No he doesn't! Yes he does! Fuck what a night without the taxi, broke and unemployed. I feel wealthy. I'm following a dream. I'm going to be a rock star. I mean psych asshole. I want a vehicle to dive my life, my story.
I'm getting a student loan. Right now the government is thinking about how much money they should give me. You see I'm a single father, but my babies mama is awesome(most of the time). So our relationship is civil and she claims him as her dependent. I toss her cash to even out anything financially uneven. I also take him in two or three nights a week. Well now that the money's all gone and I'm unemployed, I need the government to look at me as a provider and ease up on the student loan activity. I'm not worried, loans are a method the federalies use to bring in a profit. The banks and their interest payments? I've had three hundred bucks in the bank for almost one year now. I wish it collected five thousand dollars in tuition payments.
School is going to do it for me. Break me out of this box I've stuck myself in, this car, that container, my life, taxitalk. Brain Behavior Change, that's what I actually need. I'm not one of the young students anymore. I'm an oldy. Sagging, stinking, I've already reproduced. I'm not the youngest cabby anymore. That might give me an edge though, an "Intro to Christ" is class I have to take, I met Jesus in the back seat sober. Religion! Now that's gonna be new for me in School. I mean in post secondary, even though UWGB was totally a Bible thumping place. Who cares? God is a great thing to talk about, read about and think about. School is going to do it for me, the taxi isn't the social psych experiment, class is. The blogs gonna need to take part in all this stuff. The school is totally a part of my dream, the dream, I just have to make sure I stay on track. I mean keep the ball on the field cause it's Soccer ever Tuesday Thursday. Crazy!
I am my own way home. I'm the one who's going to pay his rent at the end of the month. I'm the one who's going to play out a great life for myself. Grammar and punctuation are going to be a part of that, so is this blog. No there won't be a new one. I'm the taxi, cause I'm the talk. I'm still going to go through life drilling the reality of life into the minds of others. Come on you don't think I can use an English lit class to bust out my way of seeing it. My story is awesome. If you turn back the pages nine months you'd read a killer story in my book. Peace the fuck out!


Anonymous said...

Federalies?? Didn't know you lived in Mexico!! Actually, student loans aren't given out for profit (which is why the interest rates are low and often they don't need to be paid back in full). They are given to promote education, and a leg up on the global market economy through productive citizenship.

Btw, wtf happened to you 9 months ago that was so AWESOME??? ;)

Tanya said...

Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

mattyfu said...
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mattyfu said...

Anonymous is crazy, student loans do make the banks lots of money, considering they have zero risk. I don't know about the government side of it but I'd be real real surprised if they didn't make money off them. I've seen the screens with what people have paid vs what there original ammount borrowed was, and we were getting paid commission to get more, lots more from them.

Good luck at school champ! I don't think I could handle going back.

d + r = haye jude fantastico said...

cool, jacob...i took intro to christ in school and it was pretty fucking awesome.
good luck! when do you start? i'm going back to school (2nd year anth) sept 3