Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eastern Prance, i'm a narcissist

La Shish: You're Girlfriend is Crying. from Sandy Phimester on Vimeo.

Unemployment without the insurance is a scary thang! Since I stopped cabbing my immune system has fallen apart and I've attracted a virus. I think I have a cold. FUck. Lovin every minute of it. I do feel like scurrying back to the job. You know running back with my tail in between my legs. Only to work like a dog for 1100 bucks a month. Fuck it. I might feel like I got diarrhea and the shits gonna hit the fan but I ain't running back to the good old bucket seat. The crown Vic is dead to me. From now on I'm a Boz. No, no there is so much going on around me. I'm going to finish my degree. I wish it was in photography but it's gonna be psychology. I'm actually pretty far along. I have a year left. It's a bastard though, going to school isn't like booting around downtown in a boat lifting people back to their pad. I'm going back thought, I've already invested some money to go. Money I can't get back. Money I wish I had. Unemployment is new to me. It's hard to get a job. I'll get it, along with an education, and ill start a band and raise a child. No problem. I'm the fucking man right! Right! Yeah this blog means to much to me. 'm going to have to update it all the time.
Peace with ignorance.

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Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Ignorance is bliss dahling
Good luck with finding work.
You could always help me do people's nails hahaha.