Sunday, August 16, 2009

Does anyone know what's wrong with it?

This is the article bout me in the Vue weekly.
I liked it.


Anonymous said...

they forgot the "o" at the end of your name?

taxitalk said...

"bozo" is my favorite pass time

Anonymous said...

bozo is a clown silly!

Bartosz said...

The article sucked, He didn't spell you name right (the first rule of journalism is to get the names right)

He didn't talk at all about your talk vehicle for hire commission, and he painted you as a victim of circumstance, instead of someone who is trying to do the right thing.

The writer is a fucking retard.

But hey, it's press... in edmonton....where everyone cares about what happens in their community.

NYC taxi photo said...

nice shot, and nice article, that guy who said drunk driving has gotten better since the 70's is kind of lame, everything has gotten better since the 70's!! the dude needs to take some responsibility

Anonymous said...