Sunday, August 9, 2009

long time no look

Remember the girl who was sexually assaulted a few weeks ago and I drove her to the hospital, well I saw her again. She's doing much better, she looked way different. She told me that she has been going through the recovery process using professional help. Good for her. I'm happy she's moving on with stuff. Not me, I'm still so aggravated by my cities lack of attention to the drinking and driving problem. Edmonton should be ashamed at itself. The EPS should be replaced with gun yielding, cocaine selling, drunk and angry gang bangers. At least when the city is all chaotic and stuff we won't have an organization like the EPS lie to us saying "we're doing the best we can." If our police department did try to prevent drinking and driving I would probably still have a decent job. I can't do it anymore. Watch my life fall apart because of the recession, try to be optimistic about a city of mostly red neck nothings with only hell in their futures. This city is disgusting. Edmonton settles with mediocre everything. From public transport to the police service, it's all second rate. You know I'm right. God knows that this is a province of crap. I wonder if our mayor knows how bad the city is becoming. Fuck I wonder if he cares, on TV he always seems so caring, so understanding. Mayor please pay attention to the police, please do something to protect the city from being eaten by the ignorant monsters who are terrorizing our citizens. Please don't turn a blind eye to the night because one day you'll wake up and someone you knew will be dead, hit by a drunk driver. A driver that could have been stopped by preventative tactics that the EPS never use. 911 curb the danger is not working. Edmonton needs help. SOS mayor Mandel please look into it, please don't let me loose faith in humanity, I've already lost my income and my ability to provide for my family doing the job I love. Please Edmonton open your eyes and do something to make this shit hole a decent place to raise your children. Oh and on a happier note there was this women, totally a little fire ball, well she told me my voice was so sexy I should record myself reading erotic novels and sell that when I'm unemployed. lol. Imagine me saying with my deep voice "and she grabs the long, solid shaft and begins to stroke....."
Now back to the pain. lets all remember this before we get in our cars and drive anywhere loaded

A man in Jeopardy from taxitruth on Vimeo.


Bartosz said...

I see the Taxi Barriers are doing their job just as well as the EPS

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

When my home business takes off I'm employing you as my full time chauffeur, screw getting stabbed. Taxi patrons don't pay enough for that shit.