Saturday, December 14, 2019

There was the two of us. "It's been over a year since we started going with each other" I mentioned to her. She was lovely sitting in the sun on the patio of the cafe. It's been a year and I feel like we should  be getting married.

Looking up at him made her sick. She was hung over from the night before. "Of course you want to marry me. I'm ten times more than you'll ever be" she said looking at me from the sun lit spot. It was warmer where she was. " I have something to tell you and I think it may sound a bit sour." She puckered up her lips and made a kissing noise.

"What's up?" I asked sitting up from the shade. It was getting cooler. I wanted to get close to her. She got up and stud next to the pool. "I was never really up for this" she said pacing.

"Up for what?" I asked.


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