Friday, December 27, 2019


drawing the bluebrint out on all levels. Everything seems to be coliding, but then again it always has.

Our life has a meaning we are the direction we set for ourselves. Looking back I became that young cabby who wrote his dreams out in a blog.

Looking back I realize I was just learning how to dream.

Dreams are not monetary. Our lively hood relies on something. Spellcheck.

I can't spell naturally, or at least I write that, but I'm writing that'll cure the spelling issues.

Back to the Blue print, I want to meet the Wolf of walls tree! He's an author an con artist and he's worked with people that I admire. I am going to meet him. 2013 I remember the film. I went to see it.

Leo is one of my favourite actors.

The Jordan Belfort is a favourite protagonist.

2020 the Boss Fam Manifesto ..

we're going to meet the bosses of our world, and ask them one thing.

What did they want to do when they were a child.

I can remember being young, I never wanted to be alone. I always wanted to be with my friends. It was a weakness thinking back. I always felt so vulnerable being alone.

Then again there were the times when I was happy to be alone. On those days where I stayed home from school and I was all alone until everyone came home,

Those were the days where I found myself now.

Thinking about what it was I was doing.

Playing, imagining, being happy not to have to be in school. School did not matter in hindsight.

I think I need to read a manifesto before I try to mimic one. I may not like it. This is just a ramble.

Not fiction either but also not a diary post. What is this shit... fuck. It's rarely re read and its published before I know it.

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