Thursday, December 5, 2019

kite by then

It was cold outside,

"It's always cold in Canada! At least in the winter" said this little kid. 13 year old boy. At the Bar drinking a beer. A warm beer. With a shot of syrup. I know I poured it for him. He was this little foreign kid from Canada. What the fuck did I care.

"Because it's so cold where I am from people are hard. We have a darkness" he talked about Canadians like it mattered.

"You're only 13 though, what the fuck do you know about Canadians" I asked him once.

He stood up. This little fucking kid and with his Canadian accent he drunkenly yelled to me in Polish "I am a Canadian" then he slugged down his beer.

I saw him throwing up in the back latter that night.

No one cared.

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