Thursday, December 5, 2019

Rats that don't die are expendable

His tooth is hurting, who cares? Not me I'm only his orthodontist. We're not paid to care. We are paid to not feel.
"Your mouth is changing" I told him, I'm a third year ortho student and I'm going to be rich. Women already love me and I already don't like my patients, and I've never really had one, being that I'm still a student.
Oh' this guy? He's not my actual patient, he's Dr. Moores. I'm just his student Orthodontist. My professor would get the blame if I fucked anything up.
"That tooth though? it looks like shit. Why haven't you braced it yet?" He asked me once.

"I was waiting for you Doctor to tell me what to do." The professor clapped,

"good boy," he'd yell.

The patients are always last on the list in the current medical industry. We're an evil culture in Canada that's doing it's best to put profit margins and excess for CEOs to the for front.

"I want to be rich and do as little as possible and make as much as possible that's my role as a Canadian going to the university of Alberta to become a doctor."

I wonder why so many of the students kill themselves and not their patients.

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